In memory of Dylan M. Ursino

Holding close, offering comfort to Janet and Andrew and Alex, his loving parents and brother

In memory of Dylan M. Ursino image

Holding close, offering comfort to Janet and Andrew and Alex, his loving parents and brother

Dylan M. Ursino of Dewitt passed away, peacefully and unexpectedly, nine days after his 28th birthday. It is impossible to express how sorely he will be missed.

Born on the Army base at Fort Campbell, KY, he was raised by adoptive parents in DeWitt, NY. He was a graduate of Jamesville-DeWitt High School and attended Onondaga Community College.

Dylan was intelligent, charismatic, warm and generous. People from all walks of life were drawn to him and he formed long-lasting friendships. His attachments to the people he cared about most were deep. Although he was brought up in a middle class environment, Dylan had remarkable insight into the effects of economic and cultural disparities on achievement. He was a very open-minded person with unique perspectives and interest in what he called “sociology.” This was no doubt influenced by life threatening challenges that he had to cope with. Also, thanks to the instruction of his Grandpa Eli, he was a very good chess player.

For a time he was thinking of finding a career in law enforcement but his interests evolved and he was planning to start classes in Counseling. Dylan had a broad range of tastes in music, especially rap and country, as well as a tremendous sense of humor.

Surviving are his parents Janet Jaffe and Andrew Ursino, his brother Alexander Ursino, his aunts and uncles Terry and Pat Castellano, Jerry Jaffe, Jill Jaffe, and Isabelle Thiele, many cousins and many friends. All loved him, and he loved them.

Thank you for honoring his memory by supporting AXYS, an organization that promotes research, education, and support for people with certain genetic variations.