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May is X&Y Chromosome Variation Awareness Month


$100 towards $500

Help AXYS reach their goal to increase awareness for X & Y variations!

Like most people I've spoken to, born with extra X/Y chromosome(s), they've felt pretty alone once learning about their diagnosis. Whether it's meeting in person or online, connecting with someone with the same condition is invaluable. I too felt this way for the first few years after my diagnosis of Trisomy x at the age of 15.

Learning in school was much more challenging for me than my peers. My family and I didn't have a true answer at the time as to why I felt "quirky." The internet led me to AXYS who helped me connect with peers in my state and around the world!

Connecting with families in the Trisomy X community was emotional in the best ways!

I paid it forward and created my own Facebook group for individuals with Trisomy X. More recently, I began to hold Zoom meetings for all ages, and just this month held the first Trisomy X retreat! These all help to connect individuals with Trisomy X together in hopes that they too won't feel isolated anymore.

My goals are to help more individuals and families by increasing the amount of support groups available around the world in hopes they too receive the same support I had when I connected with AXYS. I would also like to help increase research opportunities for families and Doctors to learn more about X and Y chromosomal variations.

A donation of any kind would help lessen the stress of individuals creating their own in-person events and increase awareness for all X & Y chromosome variations.