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Support the X & Y variation community today.

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Support the X & Y variation community today.

Dear AXYS Community,

As AXYS celebrates our 30th anniversary, may I again thank you for your generous donations of time and financial support.

Your donations supported the effort to establish multidisciplinary clinics for individuals with X & Y variations. Today, we have 11 clinics, from Boston to California. Our ACRC (AXYS Clinical and Research Consortium) convenes the top X & Y researchers to share insights, forge collaborations and hear the needs of our community.

Over 60,000 people a year come to to find the life-changing answers they need and can view scientific research papers on all X & Y conditions.

Your support helps 6,000 families find a community that answers your questions, offers referrals to knowledgeable healthcare providers, lends emotional support, and celebrates your family’s achievements.

Families traveled from as far as Brazil for the 2019 AXYS Family Conference where nearly 400 attendees, including researchers, clinicians, parents and individuals with an X or Y condition learned the latest scientific research and strengthened our community. Our first ever webcast of selected conference sessions allowed families in South Korea, Denmark and Cyprus to participate in the conference from their homes.

This year we completed a pilot project determining the model for adult interdisciplinary clinics and began a Continuing Medical Education (CME) project to educate physicians on X & Y variations.

Along with our Executive Director and two part-time contractors, our almost entirely volunteer organization has accomplished quite a bit with a limited budget.

There is so much we still wish to accomplish!

With your support we can:

  • educate doctors on X & Y conditions
  • help create dedicated specialty clinics and support services for adults
  • offer assistance for persons having difficulties in the court system
  • fund research on the neurobiological challenges that can be associated with XXY, XYY, Trisomy X, XXYY, XXXY and other X & Y variations.

  • Please help us reach our $100,000 goal so that we can continue our work. We do not have a large donor base so your personal support really is critical to our continued mission.

    Thanks again for all that you do, not only for AXYS, but for your family member that may be challenged with one of these difficult, “invisible” conditions. My adult son has XXY, so I fully understand how challenging it can be. I am always available to share our family’s experiences or provide information so please feel free to contact me anytime at my personal email: This organization is about support and all of the volunteers involved at AXYS are ready to assist in whatever way we can.

    Take care and thanks…we could not do this without you.

    Gary Glissman

    Photo credit: Stuart Hasson Studios